Re: [artworks] ArtWorks 2.7 goes multi-page

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  • Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 13:43:52 +0100

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>> Does this imply that we will be able to use the pasteboard as a sort of
>> visible "holding area" for objects irrespective of the active page?
>> (working much like a clipboard)... that would be great.
> No, the pasteboard is specific to each page. It could not really work
> any other way, just consider objects that are partly off the page,
> i.e., they are both on the page and on the pasteboard.
> Of course, the behaviour depends on whether you are on a body layer or
> on a master layer. Objects on a master layer appear on every page and
> that includes objects on the pasteboard (do not forget that the
> pasteboard is layered, too!). Of course, in order to get it onto the
> page area you still have to use the clipboard because there is no
> other way to copy objects between layers, even on the same page.

Actually, coming to think of it there is a way to copy between layers 
without using the clipboard: With "Multi-layer" on and the current 
layer set to the desired destination layer you can use the QuickCopy 
tool to copy objects between layers. That way, you could copy from the 
pasteboard of a master layer (which appears on every page) to a 
page-specific layer.

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