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        will it ever stop?
Hear comes another one!

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Hello, Elaine. Thought I might as well jump in here. First of all, I don't
think James is trying to overshadow anybody. He told us in his last major
update about why work was halted on the Genesis project, and that ESP
Raceway is going to be released in the middle of this year. Both James and
Justin have had to revise their release dates quite often since it's quite
easy to run into unexpected difficulties when programming games as complex
as these are.

I've already run into a number of snags and unexpected difficulties writing
down the design document for the game I'm going to try programming. I don't
even want to think about the entanglements I'll face when I actually start
trying to get the computer to understand what I want it to do.

The way I see it, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Either you do
things like BAvisoft and only let people know about a game when it's
actually released, or you take a more proactive role like James and let us
know what you're working on as you're doing it. As editor of Audyssey, I'm
quite thankful that developers like James try to keep everyone informed
about what's happening. I'd certainly agree that James has jumped the gun
from time to time with setting his release dates. In fact, it's almost to
the point where you could come up with a formula which might predict how
many days or weeks off the games actually appear. However, James North and
GMA Games do by far the most complex games we've seen. Look at how things
work in the sighted gaming world, and I think you'd see how good we have it.
My father and I have just started playing Masters of Orion III, and we've
been waiting nearly a year since the first time we heard it would be out
"soon". Perhaps, the programmers were thinking in geological time.

Particularly with the small one-person operations we have working to produce
accessible games, all sorts of things can happen to alter release dates.
Looking at it from a business point of view, the last thing I think James
wants is to release a game right when somebody else does. That way, people
have two new games to choose from. If you time things so that you're the
only person to release a game in a while, you get all the attention focussed
on your new game exclusively. James is doing this as a business, and has
doubtless thought through more angles on these things than I could. There's
a difference between crying wolf to get attention and saying that a game
should be released soon if you truly think it will. No game developer
actually wants the flak and negative attention they get when they miss a
release date. James has probably suffered from this more than anybody else
since he goes to such great lengths to keep in touch.

Michael Feir
Editor of Audyssey
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