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> I read the following and thought you guys would like to hear what's up in
> the game world as far as compitition.
> Read it and let's hear some comments!
> Shane
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> Hi folks
> This comment is really directed at James North, but it does include all
> other programmers.
> It is not meant as a personal attack, I'm just making some observations
> asking a few questions.
> James? why do you release your games at the same time as someone else
> I mean, when Phil released packman talks, you suddenly decided to release
> change
> reaction the day before.  and now, isn't it just a bit strange that for
> months you've been
> saying that your going to release dynoman, you set release dates then put
> them
> back.  you've done this not once but quite often.
> now hunter has been released what a surprise you released dynoman the day
> before!
> we all new when hunter was being released  but we had no idea over dynaman
> because you kept changing your mind.
> If I didn't know any better I'd swear you are doing this on purpose, maybe
> to get attention?  yes James! your games are good but they are no more
> important than any one else's games! so why over shadow them?
> .  don't know about any one else here, but I'm sure getting sick of the
> competition between all programmers.  I'd really like to have all of you
> programmers working together instead of against each other, it's not as if
> we have a huge community and thousands of games being released every week.
> I personally feel all of our games are equal, there's not one which is
> better than another, and no one programmer is better than another either!
> yes, one person might like say, monkey business above say, troopanum.  and
> they are entitled to say that as that is their prerogative.
> I feel it very unfair of you James, to release your games right on top of
> someone else who has had the release date set for months, like in the case
> of Phil with packman talks and now Justin with hunter.
> I appreciate that programming a game isn't predictable, in so much as
> something can occur that wasn't foreseen, but couldn't you have held on
> the release of dynoman for say, another week at least?
> I personally would prefer the release of games to be a bit more spaced
> as we don't get that many new games to begin with.
> and I guess the last question should be? James what has happened to
> and raceway?  you've been promising us those games now for how long?
> been saying those two games will come out shortly for as long as I've been
> on blindgamers, which is now one year, I've no idea how long before then
> you've been going on about them.
> I'm sure I speak for a lot of people on here, but we've had enough empty
> promises James! don't tell us your going to release a game unless you
> are.  You've heard the story of the boy who cried wolf?  Well, don't cry
> wolf too often Mr North or you'll find yourself being ignored.
> Looking forward to any comments!
> thanks
>     Elaine
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