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Hear comes some more!
I missed a few, but who gives a crap!
It's almost march break!!!
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A month is nothing at all in this kind of thing. Look at it this way: game
giants of the sighted world like Sierra and Quicksilver routinely release
their games months past when they originally thought they'd be released.
They have teams of people working on all aspects of their games from sound
effects to programming to music and let's not forget graphics. Also, other
people take care of marketing for the game creators. The programmers don't
have to do that. Guys like James North have to do absolutely everything.
When you're working from home instead of in some big secure corporation, a
whole lot of little things intrude and can push you back. I know because
I've been trying to tackle large projects from my home for years now. It's
not always fun or easy to separate work and home life. People might call on
the telephone. Guests might come over. Something might get spilled and need
to be cleaned up instantly. There are all kinds of things. All of you who
are having at these developers about when they're releasing their games are
barking up the wrong tree on this occasion. I dare all of you who feel up to
it to take your own crack at making a game as complex as the ones James
North has suffered such delays in releasing. When it truly looks like you
know when you'll be finished and things are totally under your control,
announce your release date and see if you can actually stick to it. Don't
cheat and make it years in advance. If you can do that, I guaranty you that
I'll provide you space to announce your games in Audyssey and do whatever I
can to promote your games outside of the Audyssey community just like I do
with all other game developers. Sound fair enough?
Michael Feir
Editor of Audyssey
E-mail: mfeir@xxxxxxxxx
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