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  • From: David Adler <d.adler@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:39:20 +0200


On 18.04.2018 01:38, Will Godfrey wrote:

The way this works is that when closing the main instance (0) it first scans
through to see if any others are open, and saves the result to its config file
before closing everything down.

Next time you start Yoshimi it creates a list of active instances from the
config file and once the main instance is up and running it scans this list and
restarts the same instances.

If you had no other instances open, or had already closed them before shutting
down, then none will be re-started, so you always get back the last state.

Following on from this, if you start yoshimi with a state file, then it will
re-start what ever instances were running when that state file was created.
So, one state file could re-start instance 1, 4 and 7, while a different state
file might open instances 3, 5, 7 and 10.

As I said, this is a trial and the feature is 'always on'. I don't know if this
should be switchable or not. It is fully backwards compatible, older Yoshimi
versions will simply ignore the extra data in the config file, and loading old
configs will simply start just the main instance as before.

I didn't manage to reproduce this, dunno why.
Tried with saving state and restarting with the -S flag ('Start With Default
State' unchecked) as well as without.  The latter should also work if I
understand 'always on' correctly.

That said, I don't care all too much since multiple instance loading is
automated by other means here.  I've never used states before so it
may well be my ignorance, I trust you that this actually works if done
properly.  :)

Overall I'm not objecting, just wondering whether this additional layer
of complexity is desirable or confusing.

We already have
  * parts with separate outputs
         – >  rendering use of multiple instances obsolete in many cases
  * NSM and LV2 support
         – > conveniently starting several instances
so there is at least some overlapping functionality and you may be wasting
your valuable time on this (rumours are it's sunny in the UK).  OTOH if
users like it, go ahead – yoshimi is a complex critter by design anyway
and I'm absolutely fine with that.

One other potential issue comes to my mind:  when intending to
(deliberately) make use of this feature one can easily loose track of
which one of the running yoshis is instance 0.  A hint in the window
title might be a remedy.


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