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  • From: David Adler <d.adler@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 21:36:00 +0200

On 19.04.2018 19:47, Will Godfrey wrote:

Hi David,

To make things a bit clearer think in terms of internal instances and external

Internal instances are created from the Yoshimi drop-down menu, and Yoshimi can
keep track of them, also numbering the title bars so you know which one you are
dealing with (applies to all their sub-windows too).

Thank you Will! Just now I accidentally found the 'New instance' menu entry,
thought I'd quickly return to the mail client to inform you of my late enlightenment.

Alas, too late.

Of course, my previous finding (of not being able to somehow handle multiple
instances started separately by the usual means) perfectly make sense now, my
confusion vanished into thin air and my concerns are most certainly invalidated.

Pardon the noise, after all it's some excellent documentation you've written up
that way.  Indeed a useful feature.

I don't think we can do anything about LV2. Things like states are saved
within the host anyway (although config isn't). Also LV2 is very wasteful it
will allow you to create a new complete multi-part instance for every track...
and then only address part one of each instance!

I knew there was a reason I never seriously looked into the LV2 version.
That said, I use single instances almost exactly that wasteful way, a
rudiment from the ancient times before separate part outputs were
invented.  That may well change in the near future.

Now back to the keys.

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