[THIN] Re: Win 2012R@ RDS, Group Policy and folder redirection errors

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Set a GPO to point the redirected desktop to the local userprofile, and link it 
to the TS OU with Loopback enabled in replace mode. Ensure it overrides the 
user policy setting with GP modelling/results.

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Subject: [THIN] Win 2012R@ RDS, Group Policy and folder redirection errors

Here we use folder redirection for the users Desktop and "My Documents"
folders, to redirect to a network share. All well and good. Now we've
started to use RDS (using RemoteApp only, no full desktop). And I am seeing
Event ID 502 in the event logs of the session host.

< http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2493506 >

Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Desktop" to
 Redirection options=0x9000.
 The following error occurred: "Can't create folder
 Error details: "Access is denied.

Now, the user "example" already has a redirected "Desktop" folder on
"FileServer", so the above message makes perfect sense, I guess. But this
means that the RDS server is creating profile directories for every user on
it's local C: drive.

What do I need to do to correct this? I guess that the server needs to have
a profile structure of the user to create temp files, etc.

But how do I tell the GPO not to try and redirect, if this is a virtual
session? I'm assuming it has to do with those "Redirection options", but I
haven't been able to find out what they mean, where I change them, and what
I need to change them to ...

Or is there some other to resolve this type of error on an RDS server?

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