[tcb] Re: GR2 vs. Gas-Adjust

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 13:30:34 -0700 (PDT)

So would raising the bus to stock height with stock suspension.

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Subject: [tcb] Re: GR2 vs. Gas-Adjust
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Date: Monday, October 13, 2008, 3:05 PM

Yes, this is Denis.

I don't know that you can adjust the front torsion springs, you just pull 
out the (in my case) tired and corroded springs and replace them with a 
clean set from a junkyard.

Coilovers may make your suspension travel less in a bounce, but that means 
your ride is more harsh. Paul has coilovers. ( Paul has everything). Like 
the gas adjust, they won't raise or lower your bus, they just reduce the 

Airbags will solve your problems, be expensive, give a harsh ride, but they 
will solve the problem.

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>I assume this is Denis and not Chuck?
> Yeah, I remember your debacle.
> How did you adjust your front torsion springs?  I always thought they
> were fixed?
> Coilovers might be a good change.
> chuck blue wrote:
>> Eric, I am surprised if you hadn't heard of my whole drama with
>> tires rubbing from the lowering. I worked hard for a long time to stop
>> the tires from rubbing. I even changed out the torsion springs ( which
>> actually helped. Mine were all stuck together and weren't really
>> springing much). The thing I did that helped the most was adjusting my
>> springplates higher. It's not too hard and it cost nothing. Murray
>> does not sit as low as he did before, but it really did help.  I can
>> carry a passenger now and it rarely rubs.
>> Lower profile tires in the front help, too, but that's a whole
>> discussion.
>> If I was to make a new bus project I think I would still lower it at
>> least some. The campers, like Fred's for instance, sits quite a
>> lower than Chuck's Bluebus, which sits way high. I guess this is
>> result of all the weight the camper holds. So, if you wanted a
>> passesger bus to be lower and stay stock, you have to carry some
>> concrete bags or lead ballast bars.
>> I like the feel of a lowered bus.
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>> Subject: [tcb] GR2 vs. Gas-Adjust
>>> Coming home from T@P Sunday morning I started wondering if I
>>> switch out my GR2 shocks for Gas-Adjust.
>>> My bus is lowered via dropped spindles on the front and I am
running the
>>> beefy Hankook RA08 tires.
>>> When I hit a bumpy country road both of the front tires slam into
>>> tops of the front wheel wells giving off a hell of a sound.
>>> Anybody running Gas-Adjust shocks on the front?
>>> I have heard that I will hate it, but just wanted to get some

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