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From: Sainath Nimmagadda 
To: si-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Cc: doug@xxxxxxxxxx ; intrinsi@xxxxxxxxx 
Sent: Monday, November 17, 2003 1:04 PM
Subject: [SI-LIST] Dear Doug Brooks

Dear Doug,
When I read your time constants dilemma, I felt there is merit in it.  I
still do.  I see a dark tunnel leading to great cities.  At this point, it's
only a gut feeling that tells you if something is likely possible-
regardless of obstacles.  We may not see light at the end of the tunnel
right away probably due to missing physics/math/understanding/all.  New
track by definition.
Also, it is possible the tunnel I have "picked up" from your post(which I
can't put into words as yet) is altogether different from the one you have
in mind. So, help me with this.  What prompted you to come up with that
post? What kind of bridge you were trying to cross?  If this is privileged
info, please don't tell.  Truth(science) is such a beautiful hub it caters
to several tracks from different shores.
What the heck, today is Monday for me too!

------------  response from hreidmarkailen  ---------------------

Dear Sainath,
A poem for you.  In my tribute, I've borrowed some of 
your terminology.  

Many thanks for this opportunity,

                   Monday Metadilemma Lemma
Betwixt and between
 two lemma it seems. 
'Tis not thus dilemma:  
  or field,  
one derives from the other, 
  so to choose
  there's no need. 
Yes, the tunnel leads nowhere, 
 no light shines 
 in cold night.
Not a shred of some merit 
 may be found, 
 no insight. 
Distant shores 
 where you've traveled
 have led you to us,  
though one cannot say 
 'twas by spaceship or bus. 
The dark tunnel - it burned, 
the connections were lost, 
I sense a runt packet 
 got loose - 
what a cost!  
So, my dilemma is this, 
  and of the first kind: 
Is that runt resonating
 in chaos, in bliss, 
Or, are we all 
 merely fools 
 and you see what we miss? 
The runt packet's electrons 
 fade into the mist, 
none can divine any meaning 
 nor gain even
 the gist. 
Science gave us the hub 
its life purpose to be 
 admit all packets 
Yes, it caters to all 
 even those that are runt 
but in that case it squelches,  
the memory pointer? 
It punts.  
So, I'm sorry my friend 
 there's no lemma you tell. 
A metadilemma
upon which you fell. 
It will not be solved 
 nor answered before 
you answer the question 
and answer it well: 
what Poe's Raven did say 
when it said 
What did prompt thee, 
  pray tell, 
to conjure that post? 
If it be privileged, 
  yes tell, 
  tell us all, 
or you're toast! 
Yet now my byte counter 
  betrays its end state, 
the runt packet is squelched, 
 my words share the 
 same fate. 


1. A situation that requires a choice between options that 
are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive. 
2. Usage Problem: A problem that seems to defy a satisfactory 
3. Logic: An argument that presents two alternatives, each of 
which has the same consequence. 
ETYMOLOGY:Late Latin, from Greek dilmma, ambiguous 
proposition : di-, two; see di-1 + lmma, proposition; see lemma.

1. A subsidiary proposition assumed to be valid and used to 
demonstrate a principal proposition. 
2. A theme, argument, or subject indicated in a title. 

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