[SI-LIST] Re: What do you do?

  • From: "Mark Randol" <Mark.Randol@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 09:19:55 -0700

Bragging on your soldering skills only works if you want things to heat
up quickly and cool almost as fast ;)

I usually tell 'em I mostly sit around and drink donuts and eat coffee.
If they catch the 'error', I'll usually give a more useful answer, like
that I'm an electronic traffic cop. =20

I started doing that when I'd tell folks I'm a microwave engineer &
they'd ask me to fix their oven...=20

I've always wanted my 'rigged' business card to read "Engineering
Insultant".  Never had a department admin with the sense of humor to
stick me with it tho'.

Mark Randol, RF Evaluation & Application Engineer
ON Semiconductor
901 S. Mopac Expressway
Barton Oaks IV, Suite 343
Austin, TX 78746
512-329-5640 (voice), 512-329-8151 (FAX)

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> When I want to impress the ladies, I avoid the topic of SI completely.
> Instead, I focus on my 99th percentile soldering skills.
> One of these days, its going to work, I just know it....
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