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This is how I usually describe what a "Signal Integrity Engineer" does:

Helping to improve communication between devices. While they all speak
the same language, they have different accents and are located in a
noisy neighborhood. We make sure a fluent conversation happen.

Btw, assuming no grammar/spelling mistakes ...   :)

Fortunately, (:)), they speak faster every year, each time their accent
is getting worse and drives all the neighborhood crazy ...

   Dori Itzhaki

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Sorry if this is a little off-task, but ABOUT the most perplexing
problem I've had for a while is answering the question "So, what do you
do?".  I faced this again while buying a dirt bike in the panhandle of
Idaho - not a place exactly full of E-mag expertise (though maybe a
certain eastern Washingtoner might have relatives there?).  After years
of blank looks, I've never found a good answer.  I mostly resort to "I
design computers" or something like that.  Does anyone have a good SHORT
explanation of what a "Signal Integrity Engineer" does, for the general
public, who think "fast busses" is an oxymoron?  I recently heard of
"Microwave Plumber" and am thinking that comes pretty close!

Jeff Loyer
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