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Okay ... now I can't help myself.

Back when I graduated college, when people found out I was an EE, they
would describe problems with their electronic appliances and ask for

My favorite was the incident when someone spent 10 minutes describing
their color TV, bow it did one thing at turn on, something else as it
warmed up, and something different after it reached operating
temperature.  I got the full description, with details on audio quality
and color shifts.

After providing this very detailed explanation, the person asked "do you
know what the problem might be?"

"Yes", I said, "it's broken.  Why don't you take it to a shop and get it

Todd ;-)

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"Always do right.
 This will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
- Mark Twain

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> Sorry to weigh-in so late, but I thought I would contribute on what to

> tell the under 8 year-old crowd if you ever have to do "Career Day" at

> school or if you happen to be talking to anyone from Oklahoma.
> I am a computer doctor...I make sick computers work.

Dangerous statement, in my opinion.

You'll get a dozen parents showing up at your door the next day with
their computer problems.  Probably none of them hardware related.  I
hope your OS and system related skills are good.

Probably a lot safer to just say you help design computers so that they
work right.  If computers are your end-product.  (Seems to be a common
theme here.  Is everyone in the SI community doing computer design??)

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