Re: Is Android Programming Accessible?

  • From: Dave <davidct1209@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 18:44:18 -0700

I did forget about this, but you can install applications on an
Android device if you enable usb debugging.

There's again lots of useful tools in the SDK's tools directory:
adb:  let's you install, uninstall apk (application blobs); lots of
useful subcommands as well such as allowing you to shell into your
phone or an emulator instance.
am:  let's you send intents (an android IPC mechanism).  For example,
you can type "am start -a android.settings.ACCESSIBILITY_SZETTINGS" to
pop up the accessibility settings screen from which you can enable
TalkBack without sighted assistance.
android:  this can be used in conjunction with "ant" to build your
project with just the command line.


On 7/29/10, Alex Hall <mehgcap@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yes, I did a semester of android programming and I am blind. I used
> Edsharp as my text editor
> (, Ant to compile, and the
> command line to test and run things. The only stumbling block, aside
> from what you run into trying to understand the Android programming
> concepts themselves, will be the initial setup of your emulator. You
> will have to have a sighted person enable Talkback, then you will need
> to use the keyboard to find out what does what. There is a list of
> emulator keystrokes, but I am not sure where it is, I found it through
> a forum somewhere. The other potential problem is with the
> SensorSimulator program; it is not accessible, so, if you plan to test
> things like the accelleromoter (I hate spelling that word) you will
> need a sighted person to set up the program and manipulate it.
> To create a new project, I recommend making a bat file that you edit
> with the new information just before creating your project. I also
> recommend putting a folder called "android" or "android apps" (or
> something like that) on the root of your hard drive, then creating
> each project you do in a subfolder of this folder. I say this because
> you will have to cd into the folder a lot, so the shorter the path to
> the project the better. If you have questions, let me know and I will
> try to answer them.
> On 7/29/10, Dave <davidct1209@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I'm relatively new to Android land as well, but from what I've done so
>> far, yes, it's accessible depending on your experience.
>> Android comes with a variety of development tools; there's, as you
>> mentioned, a plugin for Eclipse to help streamline the development
>> experience (auto generated project files).
>> However, all of this can be done by hand via the Android SDK using
>> command line tools.  One can also specify UI elements within an
>> AndroidManifest xml file.
>> The learning curve isn't too bad as long as you are fairly comfortable
>> with exploring the technology stack (from the tools, to the SDK, to
>> the application concepts such as intents, broadcasts, services, etc.
>> and finally to managing a real device such as flashing, rooting,
>> etc.).
>> Hth.
>> On 7/29/10, David Engebretson Jr. <d.engebretson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I asked the same question a week back or so and didn't get a response.
>>> Maybe we'll need to explore it together.  try
>>> cheers,
>>> david
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>>>>     I am looking at a possible project that requires programming for an
>>>> Android based device. Has anyone done this? My research to date
>>>> indicates
>>>> that Java is used with the Eclipse IDE and an Android SDK.
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>>>> Robert
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