Re: C++ and I are getting divorced.

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hey, you sound like me, I sit here watching what these folks are working on and sometimes feel like I'm permanently a shade of envy green!

some small apps for easy functions is all I have managed as well, and I use VB 6, so I'm also fading out in usability here as well! so your one up on me

but... were both one up on a lot of people since we can make some sort of program work, I know and spend time around folks that if you say function, there thinking of a fund razing party of some sort,and an if statement would be "if I went to the store is there anything you need?" lol!

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Lol thought I'd put a humorous subject in there to try and lift my spirits a little bit. I've been working on a project for five days straight, sacrificing sleep and other stuff to get the stupid thing done, and I've decided that while I like programming, C++ is a bit to complicated for me at this point. I am a musician, so after I get this beast of an assignment done, I'm divorcing C++ and moving back to music for a bit. Audio editors and sequencers all do whatever I tell them too, they don't bitch at me like M S Visual Studio or GCC.
As the average pc user declares, "They, just, work. "
Grin. I won't be able to make anything more than simple programs, no matter how much I like programming.

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