Re: C++ and I are getting divorced.

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So is Python like a Kurzweil 2661 with all sorts of bells and whistles to make rapid composition easy? *smile*

On 07/27/2010 05:01 PM, Alex Midence wrote:
Wow, so many blind musicians on this list.  Homer's spirit lives on!
I once toyed with the idea of writing a website showcasing all of the
famous blind musicians in history throughout the world.  There've been
quite a few, you know.  Bach himself was blind at the end of his life
as was Handel.  then there's Rodrigo, Wonder, Healey, Milsap, Charles,
Fuenlana, Ah Bing ... Anyway, on to programming:

c++ can be a beat down.  It can frustrate you and make you wish you
could just give up.  I don't recommend it, hwoever.  I don't know what
instrument you plan but mine is the classical guitar.  No amp, no
pick-up, no fancy shmacy electronics, pedals; not even metal for my
strings.  It's just me and that box of wood and strings and my music.
Learning c++ puts me in mind of what it was like to learn proper
positioning, finger placement, timing, and interpretation.  It's
grueling, frustrating, and sometimes painful.  Guitarists need
callusses and your hands have to stretch in all these weird ways.  In
the end, though, you can make something out of nothing because you can
generate music where there was none.  c++ is like that, you know.  You
wrestle with it a bit but, if you hang in there, you will find it as
rewarding as your music in another way.  You'll be able to craft
applications and share them with others either for free or for a fee
precisely as you do with a song.  But, you won't get there if you give
up because your fingers hurt, your lips hurt, your body is cramped or
any one of those excuses people who think they want to learn to play
music use to give up.  cd players just work, after all.  All you gotta
do is press a button  and you got music.  Just depends on who you
wanna be.  The one making the music, or the one who can only listen
without knowing how it was all put together.

Alex M

On 7/27/10, The Elf<inthaneelf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
hey, you sound like me, I sit here watching what these folks are working on
and sometimes feel like I'm permanently a shade of envy green!

some small apps for easy functions is all I have managed as well, and I use
VB 6, so I'm also fading out in usability here as well! so your one up on me

but... were both one up on a lot of people since we can make some sort of
program work, I know and spend time around folks that if you say function,
there thinking of a fund razing party of some sort,and an if statement would
be "if I went to the store is there anything you need?" lol!

take care,
Moderator, Blind Access Help
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Specialists in customized computers and peripherals
- own the might and majesty of a Alacorn!
proprietor, The Grab Bag,
for blind computer users and programmers

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Subject: C++ and I are getting divorced.

Lol thought I'd put a humorous subject in there to try and lift my spirits a
little bit. I've been working on a project for five days straight,
sacrificing sleep and other stuff to get the stupid thing done, and I've
decided that while I like programming, C++ is a bit to complicated for me at
this point. I am a musician, so after I get this beast of an assignment
done, I'm divorcing C++ and moving back to music for a bit. Audio editors
and sequencers all do whatever  I tell them too, they don't bitch at me like
M S Visual Studio or GCC.
As the average pc user declares, "They, just, work. "
Grin. I won't be able to make anything more than simple programs, no matter
how much I like programming.

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