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On 7/28/10, Bill Gallik <BillGallik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Joseph writes:
> "memory management is just a practice you might need to do since we don't
> want a program eating more and more memory when it shouldn't (I guarantee
> you'll be fighting with your computer about that dispute later...)."
> Ah YES, memory management and the pitfalls therein.  There lies one of the
> main bullets that get copied at least 10 times, allocated memory not being
> freed after no longer needed.  But truthfully, pointers and memory
> management is not the ogres purported to be.  Here's the deal:
> Pointers - a pointer is an address in memory that stores the address of a
> bit of memory.  What tends to be confusing is that (in C/C++ anyways) you
> can have a pointer to a short, long, char, float, double and various types
> of arrays.  What makes this confusing is that, although the memory addressed
> in a pointer might be any of those specific types - the pointer address
> itself is always a long integer because it identifies the address where the
> desired memory begins.
> memory management - basically this is the science/art of making sure that
> when additional memory is allocated that the programmer take care to be sure
> to free up that memory after it is no longer needed.  If this isn't done,
> the program (the data section actually) may grow and grow and grow.  So
> what's wrong with this? Well, even on the largest computers memory does have
> a finite limit; if the program continues to grab memory there's a host of
> undesirable consequences.
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