Re: Learning What I Need To Know About Basic Linux

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 12:47:17 -0500

This is a bit off the mark here, but I thought this thread might need some light humor.

When I first began my career at AT&T Bell Labs in June, 1983 I was mentored to study the shell (regular old "sh") and how it functioned in the UNIX® operating system. Now having been raised an angelic Roman Catholic I found myself in turmoil as I learned about:

- file permissions with the value "666" (OMG, Satan's address)

- "forking a child" process

- "killing" processes and child processes

- supporting a system that actually encouraged the running of "daemons" in background

- the system also utilized pipes - at least not bongs anyways

- the ease with wich you could create a file name "it" and to run it you could just type in "sh it"

- and the coup de gras, the name of the OS being UNIX, just the thought made my groin ache

Surely I've stepped into the pit of Hell itself!!!   ;-)
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