Re: Is Android Programming Accessible?

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some of androids stuff is already accessible with a, it's either a downloadable or on the new androids voice app similar to voiceover on the IPhones.

here's an article I got on it that may assist you in finding out more on this:
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Subject: [Electronics-talk] Accessible Android E-Mail and Barcode Reader

Contact: Steve Jacobs
Phone: (614) 777-0660
E-Mail: steve.jacobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Accessible Android E-Mail and Barcode Reader Available

Open Source, Android Applications Released in
Support of Raising the Floor, Reducing the Cost,
and Leveling the Playing Field for Individuals with Disabilities

HILLIARD, OH July 6, 2010 - IDEAL Group
Apps4Android, Inc. announced today the release
of the first Android e-mail reader for the
blind. The IDEAL K9 E-MailR reader is accessible
using Google's Talkback and other Android
screenreaders. Also announced was the release of
IDEAL Item IdentifierR, an Android-based barcode
reader. The barcode reader makes it possible to
quickly, easily, and accurately identify
products by using Android smartphones to read
barcodes on standard products. Both applications
have been open-sourced in support of the Raising
the Floor Initiative.

According to Steve Jacobs the President of IDEAL
Group, "Given the efforts Google has put into
Android, especially the work of their Eyes-Free
Project team, we are convinced that Google is
committed to making Android a world-class fully
accessible platform and we want to help Google get there faster."

IDEAL is also developing an open source Android
web browser for the blind. In addition, IDEAL is
developing an open source video magnification
application that enables individuals with low
vision to turn their Android smartphones into hand-held video magnifiers.

Given the high cost of dedicated devices that
serve these purposes today, Jacobs hopes these
free, high-quality open source Android
applications will be Raising the Floor of
opportunities for individuals with print disabilities.

Jacobs further stated, "While we plan to develop
accessible applications for other platforms in
the future, we love the openness of Android. It
makes it easy for developers to figure out how
programs function and has enabled us to innovate
much more rapidly and easily than on any other platform."

About IDEAL Group Apps4Android:

Apps4Android, Inc. is dedicated to developing
low/no-cost, high-quality, Android applications
that enhance the quality-of-life, independence,
quality of education, and employability of
individuals with disabilities... and everyone
else! Apps4Android is the world's largest
developer of speech-enabled Android applications
in the world with 750,000+ active users in 47 countries. For more

About Raising the Floor (RtF):

Raising the Floor is an international consortium
of organizations and individuals focused on
ensuring that people experiencing disabilities,
literacy problems, or the effects of aging are
able to access and use all of the information,
resources, services, and communities available
on or through the Web. Of particular concern are
those with limited or no resources. For more information:

Moderator, Blind Access Help
Owner: Alacorn Computer Enterprises
Specialists in customized computers and peripherals
- own the might and majesty of a Alacorn!
proprietor, The Grab Bag,
for blind computer users and programmers

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i called a local at&t wireless store and most of what they sell are the android operating system. will mobile speak be created for this system or will there possibly be a free open source app to make these phones talk? i would like to get an unlocked phone with no monthly fee off ebay for a low talk time charge when needed solution.
Bryan Schulz

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I'm relatively new to Android land as well, but from what I've done so
far, yes, it's accessible depending on your experience.

Android comes with a variety of development tools; there's, as you
mentioned, a plugin for Eclipse to help streamline the development
experience (auto generated project files).

However, all of this can be done by hand via the Android SDK using
command line tools.  One can also specify UI elements within an
AndroidManifest xml file.

The learning curve isn't too bad as long as you are fairly comfortable
with exploring the technology stack (from the tools, to the SDK, to
the application concepts such as intents, broadcasts, services, etc.
and finally to managing a real device such as flashing, rooting,


On 7/29/10, David Engebretson Jr. <d.engebretson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I asked the same question a week back or so and didn't get a response.
Maybe we'll need to explore it together.  try


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Subject: Is Android Programming Accessible?


    I am looking at a possible project that requires programming for an
Android based device. Has anyone done this? My research to date indicates
that Java is used with the Eclipse IDE and an Android SDK.



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