Re: Is Visual C++ Accessible - Was: C++ and I are getting divorced.

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May be just me, but I'm detecting the beginning of some surliness on this thread. There are a number of programming languages available for us to use. And I personally don't believe that one's choice of which language has anything to do with that person's psyche rather than the choice of the IT shop or what they've heard about the various languages.

C is a very good programming language, Pascal is a very good programming language, I'm sure that Python is likewise a very good programming language. Are each equally appropriate for each and every project, I seriously doubt it. But I don't think it is appropriate for anybody participating on this thread to cast dispersions on anybody else's character.

For Pete's sake, a programming language is a tool -- not a way of life. Some folks prefer pliers, others prefer Vice-Grips; doesn't make anybody bad people!
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