RE: Drupal and Microsoft CMS Options?

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Choosing Drupal or WordPress would be based on what you want to do with it. If 
it's simple, go with WordPress, because the learning curve will be much smaller.


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Frankly, Rick, I think if you're gonna use a cms, u need to use
something that will host on a linux platform. Windows hosting is just
too insecure. Seriously.

Wordpress is also a good choice for a cms. It's accessible & allows
updating-by-owner. The person's site does not have to look like a
blog, either--it's very configurable & quite a bit easier than drupal.
I really do recommend it for those sites where the owners just wanna
update their content easily. It's normally associated w/small sites,
but I think larger concerns, e.g., I think I read NY times, also uses

On 12/10/10, Littlefield, Tyler <tyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Minus using some mojo thing that no one has heard of, drupal is used a
> lot, and you can actually get work with it, since a lot of people use
> it. It is rough--I have been trying to learn it recently, I use irc when
> I have questions. You have to dig through a lot of sarcasm, but there
> are some helpful people there. I don't know about the microsoft version,
> but I do know drupal is huge in web dev circles.
> On 12/10/2010 7:19 AM, Katherine Moss wrote:
>> Look at both Umbraco and Mojo Portal.
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>> Hi: I know very little about CMS. As a result of Jamal using it, I
>> have looked at some of the Drupal docs by googling but am having
>> trouble wrapping my head around exactly how it all works since I am an
>> old Microsoft user. I am trying to figure out a similar option in the
>> Microsoft World. So far I think that Sharepoint and Open Office, both
>> 2010 versionws with accessibility, sound like they are the Microsoft
>> counterpart to Drupal. does this sound about right? Since they support
>> ARIA and the other new Web Standards, or at least some articles say
>> they do, has anyone tried them out? If there is another Microsoft
>> thingy where it looks or works sort of a CMS with DB storage and
>> perhaps Media support could you mention it so I can do a little more
>> digging?
>> It looks like allot of blind folks are trying to use various CMS
>> Websites and most of them are pretty bad. They also sound almost as
>> complex to create and maintain as a standard Website developed in
>> something like VWD. Anyway, thanks for any input you provide on CMS,
>> Drupal or any Microsoft counterpart products that I can research a
>> little more.
>> Again, the Microsoft 2010 versions of the Open Office and Sharepoint
>> are suppose to be accessible where the older versions were not very
>> accessible if that helps.
>> Rick USA
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> Thanks,
> Ty

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