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And the path to my shortcut fonts will not be broken after this move??
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> Sandi,
>    That slight (or more than slight) panic you're feeling is nothing more
> than the result of having this thread broken up over so many posts and
> replies.  A TON of thoughts, possibilities and ideas have been hitting you
> in a sort of 'broken' way and I apologize to you for that.  I sometimes go
> off on tangents that are related to what we're working on in order to give
> other members ideas for using the topic on their own systems.  While 
> that's
> really not fair to you, I do it somewhat intentionally for the benefit of
> the full group.
>    Since there ar eno other partitions or hard drives available for this,
> the next best thing is to simply bring it out into the open.  In other
> words, follow your own directions exactly as you've typed them below and
> Right Drag the My Docs folder directly to the C:\ icon in the left pane of
> Windows Explorer.  In other words, you're loooking to Move it to C:\,
> instead of placing it in some other folder/subfolder.  The finished path
> will be:
> C:\My Documents
>    And you'll see that path showing in the address bar near the top of
> Windows Explorer when you click directly on it after the Move.
>    Yes, the contents of the My Docs folder will still be available by ALL
> the usual means under Windows, including the shortcut on your desktop. 
> The
> only method that will no longer work is by going to Documents and Setting 
>  >
> Joyce, since it will no longer be there.             :O)
> Peace,
> GMan
> "The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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