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And Zarlink was bought by Intel... (Nothing wrong with that, just an 
interesting point to be made. One must ask, "What does Intel want with a 
front-end manufacturer?"...wireless anyone?)
Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

>>As exampled by the prototypes that have been tested by
>>Bob Miller, even 2005 STBs fail to live up to the LG
>>prototype, so there still is something else to be solved.
>I think this is overstated, as you know. The problem was
>solved, and I've only seen conjecture that the solution is
>somehow too expensive. I think a good guess is that the
>difference in the LG prototype was the tuner, yes?
>If so, you might be interested to look at the Zarlink web
>site. Remember that a Zarlink employee co-authored that
>interesting article from Digital TV DesignLine, where he
>discussed what it took to make a tuner compliant with A/74.
>Well, gues what? Zarlink seems to have made an all-standards
>tuner, probably the motivation for that article. It is
>compatible with all their demods, ATSC, DVB-T, DMB-T. It
>suggests an intriguing situation where DVB-T front ends are
>designed to comply with A/74.
>Anyway, the point is that if the tuner was the difference,
>these same good tuners would apply to all DTT receivers, so
>the argument that they cost too much can't hold. Or at
>least, not for very long.
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