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WoW! Or, should that be Whoa!
The FCC's jurisdiction is directed by Congress. The FCC tuner mandate 
was to a good degree an attempt to undo the massive harm done by the 
previous FCC "Commish"...

Broadcasters (certainly this one!) has been very much concerned with 
viability. As we have learned, politics has had entirely TOO MUCH to say 
about how this transition has NOT happened.

As to the insinuation that "we" are in the same position as Cable and 
Satellite...read the tea leaves. CEA is serving the 85%...could care 
LESS about OTA! Not "sign up" bonus, no continuing revenue, just good 
"old fashioned" FREE OTA. Greed is behind much of this. Gets me back to 
the start...politics, and who is buying what from whom for promises of 
??? NAB no longer caries the clout because they decided a LONG time ago 
to spend political capital on short-term results with long-term (read 
negative) impact!

I ask, where is the technical leadership? Where are the visionaries? 
Where is the political leadership? NAB?!? Yeah, right, got it!

the other one that has done his best along with the rest...

PS It would be much different if Broadcasters had collective bargaining. 
I guess we will just have to wait for the possible "un doing" of Cable 
by ala carte to get somewhere ;^) It is happening, and a whole new game 
is underfoot if it continues.

Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

>John Shutt wrote:
>>I ask again, who is the "we" that you claim p*ssed away
>>all this time, and over what indecision?
>The motivation for shutoff of analog TV is mostly to
>redistribute spectrum for other uses. So it's the
>government's responsibility, the FCC having jurisdiction.
>The existence of a "tuner mandate" and the timetable for
>its implementation are both heavily dependent on FCC
>So the "we" refers mostly to govt, as in "we, the people."
>>Your old refrain is that broadcasters failed to get into
>>the receiver manufacturing business so it is they who
>>p*ssed away the time, right?
>That too, but it's secondary. Broadcasters aren't the ones
>interested in reclaiming spectrum. But certainly,
>broadcasters ought to be interested in the continued
>viability, or maybe even growth(?) of their businesses. If
>it was obvious to me that CE manufacturers were not coming
>through on their promised product introductions, it should
>have been far more obvious those whose businesses depend
>on these products.
>Are cable and DBS companies in the "receiver manufacturing
>business," John? I don't think so. And yet, they do take an
>interest in making sure the boxes they depend on are
>available and meet *their* requirements. As long as
>broadcasters are entrusted with their own dedicated
>distribution medium, I'm not sure I understand why the same
>responsibility would not apply to them?
>Evidently, your NAB agrees.
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