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I wonder why no one has established an IR transmitter for surround  
channels, with single channel amplifier powered by AC and with an IR receiver  
a single channel signal for each of the speakers you wish to  connect.  I 
would immediately get two channels, for the side speakers to  provide 7.1, 
since I already have rear channels connected via wires to the  amp.  Lots of 
people would likely buy these things even for basic rear  channels.  It's not 
like tons of power needs to be in each amp.

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It  looks like none of the documentation says anything about wireless 
rears.   How far away will that wireless signal work?   
I’m  thinking of getting this set for my bedroom TV. 
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I have this.  


Picked it up brand new from Craigslist for $250. Guy never  opened the box 
after buying it from Dell.

It's widely acknowledged as the best surround sound you can  get for 
anything less than three times the price. Two digital optical inputs,  one 
input, and standard audio input, plus the back speakers are  wireless. It's 
a real winner for the TV. I also used to have it hooked to my  Mac Pro but 
not since I moved into the house and I don't have any way to  connect it 
from so far away.
On Nov 29, 2010, at 3:46 PM, John Osthus  wrote:


I  have stereo in my “audio” room but life would not be as sweet without 
5.1 in  the home theater room.

Something  like this would do the trick:


But  it depends on a lot of factors.

Room  setup (affects interconnects)

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Time  to upgrade that receiver Jay!  My 'old' Onkyo THX 5.1unit (from about 
15  years ago) had an issue (I can't remember what) so I upgraded myself to 
 another Onkyo THX 7.1 unit with HDMI and optical inputs, and it was a 
fraction  of the cost of the old one!



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I  have AT&T U-verse.  The Panasonic set does have an optical  sound
output, but my Yamaha Receiver (which I bought in 1977, and which  is
still magnificent), has no optical input, same not even having  been
dreamed of in 1977, I am sure.

Is there such a thing as a  converter to convert optical input to analog?

Or am I a hopeless  dweeb for asking such a question?

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For the audio you should not be going  through the TV anyway. That is an
absolutely unnecessary step that gains  you nothing.

The only complication is how you have your room wired  and what equipment
have or are willing to buy.  If you do not  have optical sound these days
are missing out.

If you can  tell me what your gear is I can help you figure out the  best

There are several factors to consider and also some  benefits from a new
that most consumers are not aware of because  the cable TV/satellite
don't want you to  know.



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Thanks.  I am still  looking.  Looked at the Panasonic G series 50" at
Best Buy this  weekend.  It is a magnificent image, and is almost 50%
less in price  that the high end LED-LCD sets.  But I am reading from
some sources  that the plasma will fade (and the rich blacks that are so
attractive in  the plasma) will 'gray up' in time.... then other sources
say these newer  ones are better about that.  But who knows?

Also, this set does  not have an analog audio output (many of them don't
these days).  So  how will I connect it to my existing stereo system to
get better than the  tinny sound that all flat panel TVs emit?  It's a
shame someone at  Panasonic didn't think of that.

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Set it up Friday... going from CRT  I'm still getting used to it.

Image is nice, though it's obvious that  newer shows look better than
shows.  Watched the Eagles  game on it Sun... The loss was just as ugly
it would have been on  the CRT (and no motion/refresh rate problems). 
Overall, for what I paid I'm  happy with it.

> Mark-
> So how is the  plasma?  Are you happy with it?
> I am still  looking.
> -JP
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> A couple of  things...
> First... Price.  I set a price threshold that  it had to be less than
> $400
> for a 37-42 inch tv.  This  was the lowest price set I've seen, and it
> also
> has 2 year  interest free financing... (less than $20 a month).
> Also,  unless you pay for the higher refresh rates, plasma is better
>  motion than LCD.
> I'm setting it up tomorrow... I'll let you  know how it is.
> At 07:02 PM 11/24/2010  -0600, you wrote:
>>I am looking for a  big screen TV as well.
>>Why did you choose plasma over  LED/LCD?
>>LCDs look brighter and richer color in the  store.... but maybe not
>>you get  home.
>>What made up your  mind?
>>Lookout...  black friday specials are starting.  And me being a
>  patriotic
>>american, I'm stimulating the  economy.
>>Bought the 42 inch plasma on Mon.  night.  Now, I just bought a wacom
>>tablet  (their cheapest one) for $49 at newegg (with free shipping).   I
>>bought a bluetooth head set for $.99 after  rebate.
>>Think I'm buying a miter saw on friday (Sears  and Lowes has them for
>>with stand).  And a  couple of gifts for people  too.


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