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I blew it in my steps below.

What I should have said is:

New DVD/BRD HDMI to TV and Optical out from DVD to a Vizio 5.1 sound bar for
$388 plus HDMI/Toslink cables form Parts Express ($15 for both)

Analog out from Uverse to your receiver with your existing speakers.  (I
doubt Uverse has analog out either)

In which case do this:

Optical out from your new $200 DVD/BRD player to toslink switch from Parts
Optical out from Uverse to a tosloink switch from Parts Express.

(This gives you optical out from your two sources and the cheapest possible
5.1 sound via the Vizio)

You will likely need to upgrade your uverse receiver.  Get one that is HD,
with a DVR, and HDMI and optical out. Ideally with an antenna in for free HD

You will also want an old-fashioned Radio Shak TV antenna.  You can go to
this site to see what/if any local HD broadcasts you can get free with your
radio shack antenna.  http://www.antennaweb.org/aw/Address.aspx

Total spend = less than $600.

Right now you are smelling cake.  You could be eating cake.



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Suggestions below.

We should talk.  Call me sometime at 314-369-5015.  I can help and home
theater is a passion of mine.  You don't know what you're missing, and there
are options for cheap.

Bottom line is you can get a Visio $348 5.1 channel sound bar from Costco.
This is wireless to the rear/sub.  JVC makes a better one that's all
wireless for about $500.


Step 1.  DVD/BRD player --- HDMI to TV  (gives you streaming movies to your
tv from Netflix for $895 per month.  (Get HDMI for $10 from parts express)
Step 2 -- DVD/BRD player  optical out to Viso soundbar optical in -- ($10.00
for Toslink from Parts Express.)
Step 3 -- analog out from BD player and Uverse to your receiver.

This is just one of many paths.

If you do not have a Uverse HD receiver you will want to get one for two

It will have 5.1 sound, which is broadcast for sports too.
If the Uverse set has antenna in, which it should, You can get a $20 antenna
from radio shack and get FREE HD off the air for your local stations, with
5.1 sound.

Ideally you should get:

-- 3 new speakers
-- A subwoofer
-- An AV receiver with at least 5.1 channels
-- Some cables from Parts Express.  (NEVER buy cables in Best buy unless you
want screwed or don't care you are paying 10x too much.)



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