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  • Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 19:01:55 EST

But your brain knows when sound comes from the side or behind  you!  Top 
Gun sounds much better, even over broadcast TV, from even a 5.1  system.
And even broadcast TV sound has effects which seem to originate not from  
two stereo speakers, but elsewhere.  But certainly DVD movies or  BlueRay 
movies have the best effects.

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JayPax@xxxxxxxx writes:

2. Do  you want surround sound?

Maybe.  But I only have two ears.  I  remember '4-channel stereo' that
came out and died in the 1970s.   Probably 'surround soud' is good for
movies.  But I am not a big movie  watcher.  I watch TV for mostly news
and sports.  

3. Does  your U-verse have analog out, left and right  stereo?


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