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  • Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 12:11:29 -0800 (PST)

My Panasonic plasma is five years old and still delivering a stunning picture, 
blacks and all. It has fairly large speakers below the display and it sounds 
good, too.

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Thanks.  I am still looking.  Looked at the Panasonic G series 50" at
Best Buy this weekend.  It is a magnificent image, and is almost 50%
less in price that the high end LED-LCD sets.  But I am reading from
some sources that the plasma will fade (and the rich blacks that are so
attractive in the plasma) will 'gray up' in time.... then other sources
say these newer ones are better about that.  But who knows?

Also, this set does not have an analog audio output (many of them don't
these days).  So how will I connect it to my existing stereo system to
get better than the tinny sound that all flat panel TVs emit?  It's a
shame someone at Panasonic didn't think of that.

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Set it up Friday... going from CRT I'm still getting used to it.

Image is nice, though it's obvious that newer shows look better than
shows.  Watched the Eagles game on it Sun... The loss was just as ugly
it would have been on the CRT (and no motion/refresh rate problems). 
Overall, for what I paid I'm happy with it.

> Mark-
> So how is the plasma?  Are you happy with it?
> I am still looking.
> -JP
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> A couple of things...
> First... Price.  I set a price threshold that it had to be less than
> $400
> for a 37-42 inch tv.  This was the lowest price set I've seen, and it
> also
> has 2 year interest free financing... (less than $20 a month).
> Also, unless you pay for the higher refresh rates, plasma is better
> motion than LCD.
> I'm setting it up tomorrow... I'll let you know how it is.
> At 07:02 PM 11/24/2010 -0600, you wrote:
>>I am looking for a big screen TV as well.
>>Why did you choose plasma over LED/LCD?
>>LCDs look brighter and richer color in the store.... but maybe not
>>you get home.
>>What made up your mind?
>>Lookout... black friday specials are starting.  And me being a
> patriotic
>>american, I'm stimulating the economy.
>>Bought the 42 inch plasma on Mon. night.  Now, I just bought a wacom
>>tablet (their cheapest one) for $49 at newegg (with free shipping).  I
>>bought a bluetooth head set for $.99 after rebate.
>>Think I'm buying a miter saw on friday (Sears and Lowes has them for
>>with stand).  And a couple of gifts for people too.

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