[mswindowsxp] Re: Networking Problems Wxp/W98

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Welp, going back to the original post, it wasn't quite clear what kind of
connection he had, however, it was an assumption on my part and if he
doesn't have a broadband connection, then my suggestion is basically moot,

Also, reading the new posts, it's an internal modem so my suggestion now
would be to go the software route, like WinGate or Sygate. Both still (IMO)
be more secure than ICS. Having a firewall will help too! Although with
WinGate, it can basically do it on its own. However, depending on how
comfortable one is with setting up a firewall, I would recommend Outpost.

Thanks for point that out!

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>How would a router work if they didn't have a broadband connection
>(unless it was a modem/router)?

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