[mswindowsxp] Re: Networking Problems Wxp/W98

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  Just to add to this there are known problems when using different brands
of network cards (resulting in more network collisions than normal). From
personal experience networking just two computers using a crossover cable
with different brands of network cards has resulted in incredibly slow data
transfer speeds (swapping one network card for the same brand cured this).
Also there was nothing wrong with the other network card, they just didn`t
get on very well together. There are things you can do to monitor/tweak
network collisions, here`s some URL`s on the subject:-



  Ideally the TCP/IP protocol is all you really need, it just takes a bit of


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> I emailed you earlier about this and saying that you need to add Netbeui
to your protocol stack but Doug Knox of M$ says this about using netbeui to
> Just a comment on your tip installing NetBEUI. I feel as you do [about
NetBEUI vs. IPX/SPX], and use NetBEUI for File and Print Sharing, unbinding
TCP/IP from those functions. However, I've found that the version of NetBEUI
that ships with XP doesn't work well with the versions that shipped with
Windows 95/98/Me/2K. The XP version has significant problems (my experience)
connecting to computers with older versions of NetBEUI. Many, many "Network
not available" and other errors occur when trying to access network
resources while mixing them. For many people there may be an easy fix
though. If they are available to you, locate the NETNBF.INF and NBF.SYS from
a Win 2000 CD or hard drive installation, and use those versions
instead." --Doug Knox
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> From: "Tom LeStrange"
> Subject: [mswindowsxp] Networking Problems Wxp/W98
> > I am trying to connect my two computers together and am not having any
> luck.
> > One computer is XP and the other is W98. I installed an Ethernet card in
> > each computer and connected them with an CAT5e crossover cable. I ran
> > Network wizard on the XP computer and created a disk to use in the W98
> > computer. I want to use the XP computer to connect to the net and be
> > to share the printers that are connected to the XP computer with the W98
> > computer. When I open My Network Places I cannot see the other computer.
> > Neither can I see the XP computer from the W98 computer. The lights on
> > Ethernet cards are active. What am I missing? Has anyone accomplished
> > these with any success?
> > Thanks for any replies.
> > Tom
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