[mswindowsxp] Re: Networking Problems Wxp/W98

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  Here`s some URL`s to guide you (just follow the illustrations):-

  For setting the WinXP computer up to share its Internet connection:-


  For setting the Win98 computer up to use that Internet connection:-


  Where it guides you to select `never dial a connection` on the above web 
page, don`t select that option, instead select `dial whenever a network 
connection is not present` (this will make the computer dial if you choose to 
unplug/take down the network connection between the computers).
  At the bottom of the above web page go for the `automatically for me please` 
option, or follow this link which will take you directly there:-


  You need to enable WinXP`s built-in firewall on the dial-up modem Internet 
connection here`s a URL on how to do it:-


  If you have a firewall on the Win98 and/or WinXP computer (other than WinXP`s 
built-in firewall) it/they will need tweaking.
  To share files and/or printers here`s some URL`s:-

For Win98:-


  The only diagram you need to be aware of here is the one headed `Default 
Network Protocols`. Notice that on the diagram it says `Primary Network logon` 
make sure under this that you also have `Client for Microsoft networks` aswell. 
Also make sure you have enabled/ticked printer/file sharing and then proceed to 
the next URL:-


  When following the instructions on this web page give the shares on your 
Win98 computer a name and either select `Read only`, or `Full`, don`t tick 
`depends on password`.

For WinXP:-


  These Web pages do go into some detail, just follow the diagrams on the first 
2 pages.
  You share printers on both Windows 98 and XP in much the same way as sharing 
files (i.e. right clicking on the printer device and select `sharing`).
  One final point make sure that you log into Windows XP using not only a user 
name, but also a password and that you log into the Win98 computer using the 
same user name and same password (remembering that the password is case 
sensitive). Any problems ask away.


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> The Ethernet cards are the same brand.
> I plan to connect to the internet through the XP computer's modem when I get
> everything working.  Now each computer connects to the internet using it's
> modem.  I set up both computers to use the same ISP account.
> Thanks for the reply.  I haven't had the time to work on the networking
> problem in the last few days but plan to attack it again today.
> Tom

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