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Good, old S.T. said you would say that when we had our powerlunch the =
other day.  He said you all weren't team players and that were all =
playa-hatah's.  All you do is make withdrawals from my self-esteem =
account according to my new best friend.  He then sold me some =
time-shares for condos down in Florida.

On another note:  the NWN expandion pack should be out today.  I was =
thinking of maybe having a Shadows of Undrentide launch party.  Anyone =
free this weekend to drag your PC over to my place and LAN it up?  I got =
two PCs that can support NWN and spots for three more.  You need not =
bring a monitor.  I have enough to go around.


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We can't talk around you... Your the enemy.=20
Edward Rishel <erishel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:...almost too quiet.

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