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Off of Planet Neverwinter... 
When you open your Shadows of Undrentide box, be sure to take note of a red
piece of paper with black print. It contains your Shadows of Undrentide CD
Key, which you will need to install the expansion pack. The game installer
mentions that the CD Key is in the manual, but this is not the case. 
Register your CD Key with the BioWare Community Site for easy retrieval, or
write it somewhere you will not lose it. 
You will need it each time you install Shadows of Undrentide. If you did not
receive this piece of paper, please consult the technical support section of
your manual to contact Atari. We apologize for any inconvenience this may

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> There are several ways that spring to mind from clues Dru has dropped =
> but since I am in the enemy camp right now I cannot discuss them.  =
> Regardless, since I cannot teleport or dim door and I am surrounded by =
> enemies in a 5' wide corridor my options are pretty limited as to what I =
> can do before you grease stain me.
> Rackhir is advanced, I can say that much and I bet you can guess what he =
> probably took levels in (pure speculation on my part).
> It looks like Jay is free on Friday night for a LAN party.  I will be =
> visiting Best Buy today to see if they got SOU in.  If you see it =
> elsewhere, please let me know.  If we were to do this thing everyone =
> would need to bring their copy of NWN and SOU since I am not sure which =
> play disk you will need for a seperate game.  Oh, and your install keys =
> as well since it checks for that.
> Ed
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> > Good, old S.T. said you would say that when we had our powerlunch the =
> =3D
> > other day.  He said you all weren't team players and that were all =3D
> > playa-hatah's.  All you do is make withdrawals from my self-esteem =3D
> > account according to my new best friend.  He then sold me some =3D
> > time-shares for condos down in Florida.
> Lol team players?=20
> But Jay's right - you're the enemy. ;)=20
> The thing that really disturbs me about this is if his ability to =
> control you is
> built into your body, how do we free you? Aside from the obvious.
> I also wonder if Rackhir has been advanced. He would have been 13th =
> level when
> he disappeared.
> > On another note:  the NWN expandion pack should be out today.  I was =
> =3D
> > thinking of maybe having a Shadows of Undrentide launch party.  Anyone =
> =3D
> > free this weekend to drag your PC over to my place and LAN it up?  I =
> got =3D
> > two PCs that can support NWN and spots for three more.  You need not =
> =3D
> > bring a monitor.  I have enough to go around.
> Yes I was going to go pick it up. I'd be game for a LANparty. Got the =
> new
> glowy-blue alienware PC now. ;)
> T.

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