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Elbo in KOP says they have it for 29.99.  Game Stop says they will get =
it in today for the same price.  Best Buy says they do not have it yet =
but in past experience their floor reps have shown they do not know what =
is in the store's inventory.  I will swing through the mall during lunch =
and pick it up.


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> There are several ways that spring to mind from clues Dru has dropped =
> but since I am in the enemy camp right now I cannot discuss them.  =3D
> Regardless, since I cannot teleport or dim door and I am surrounded by =
> enemies in a 5' wide corridor my options are pretty limited as to what =
I =3D
> can do before you grease stain me.
> Rackhir is advanced, I can say that much and I bet you can guess what =
he =3D
> probably took levels in (pure speculation on my part).

I suppose we shouldn't kill Rackhir too huh.

> It looks like Jay is free on Friday night for a LAN party.  I will be =
> visiting Best Buy today to see if they got SOU in.  If you see it =3D
> elsewhere, please let me know.=20

I'm gonna call KoP and see if I can get it at lunch.

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