[meepo] Re: Awfully quiet...

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 13:30:21 -0400

Grabbed it at the KoP mall, 29.99. I will say all of the copies at elbo had
been opened, although it seemed like they were still full, the guy upstairs
said they were demo boxes. Wasn't sure that red paper I mentioned earlier
with the CD key would be there, so took the simple route and went upstairs.

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> Elbo in KOP says they have it for 29.99.  Game Stop says they will get =
> it in today for the same price.  Best Buy says they do not have it yet =
> but in past experience their floor reps have shown they do not know what =
> is in the store's inventory.  I will swing through the mall during lunch =
> and pick it up.
> Ed
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> > There are several ways that spring to mind from clues Dru has dropped =
> =3D
> > but since I am in the enemy camp right now I cannot discuss them.  =3D
> > Regardless, since I cannot teleport or dim door and I am surrounded by =
> =3D
> > enemies in a 5' wide corridor my options are pretty limited as to what =
> I =3D
> > can do before you grease stain me.
> >=20
> > Rackhir is advanced, I can say that much and I bet you can guess what =
> he =3D
> > probably took levels in (pure speculation on my part).
> I suppose we shouldn't kill Rackhir too huh.
> > It looks like Jay is free on Friday night for a LAN party.  I will be =
> =3D
> > visiting Best Buy today to see if they got SOU in.  If you see it =3D
> > elsewhere, please let me know.=20
> I'm gonna call KoP and see if I can get it at lunch.

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