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Over a 100 Iraqis killed a day sounds like civil war to me.  But whaddo I know.
Julie Krueger 
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A number of analysts have predicted the three-nation solution.  That wouldnât 
be bad for us by the way, but Turkey would hate it.  They might be tempted to 
invade the Iraqi Kurds if that were to occur because they have their own Kurds 
bordering the Iraqi Kurds and think the Iraqi Kurds might want to break off 
part of Turkey to enlarge its territory.  
However, what evidence do you have of Civil War?  The last I heard the Shiite 
military was fighting Shiite militias -- hardly civil-war material.  The Sunni 
Baathist spoil-sports have been fighting all along because they think it may be 
pay-back time and for the hard-core holdouts it might be.  Al Quada has been 
joining the Sunniâs, but the Shiites and Kurds have been shoring 
extraordinary patience the last I heard.  The Sunnis have the most to lose.  
The oil is mostly in the Kurdish north and Shiite South.  The Kurds and Shiites 
might be willing to have a three way split, but the Sunnis wouldnât -- at 
least not from the standpoint of economics.

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 Two questions for the list:
1) Iraq is in obvious Civil War.  Why is the media in such denial about it?  
"on the verge of", "having the potential for"....  so that Bush doesn't have to 
say damn, we didn't take democracy to Iraq, we created Civil War?
2)  How many of you think that the ultimate (in 2, 3 years?) settling down of 
the dust in Iraq will be in essence three countries -- a Sunni country, a 
Shiite country, and  Kurdish country?
Julie Krueger
having watched the Tower movie this afternoon.....very difficult and honest 
movie to watch (cried through most of it) but came away from it glad I had seen 
it and with some (unexpectedly) very positive feelings.  I'll write more about 
the movie later or tomorrow.  It was kind of emotionally draining.  And btw and 
never DID get Phil (or was it Paul)'s review of the film!
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