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Mr. Chilson is here to offer us something new under the sun.  Regarding why
they would allow Egyptians and not American Negroes, because they were
Egyptians and not American Negroes.  In Mexico (and I'm sure Brazil too and
probably most South American countries), it doesn't matter how dark skinned
you are yourself, the other guy can't be an Indian.  Mexicans bring that
baloney here, as expressed by Vicente Fox.  [This ties in with what I keep
saying that teaching racism is a way of emotionally abandoning children,
i.e., you can't love children while brainwashing them to hate others. 
Instead of growing up with feelings of love and acceptance, the abandoned
children  grow up with anger and hate and fear, not exactly the road to
world peace.  Many are physically and sexually abused as well.]  Yes, I
know, still talking about the same thing, unlike the rest of the world
that's moved on to bigger, if not better, things.   Regarding Qutb's
reaction to the racism, for more information, see Lawrence Wright, "The
Looming Towers", a history of Qutb and 9/11.  The 9/11 date is the date of
one of the Crusades.

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> > AR:
> > >You really want a world filled wall-to-wall with Mike Gearys?
> I've been away from this list for at least a year and was mildly
> surprised upon return to find the exact same disputes going on rolling
> over the same points again and again and again.
> I'd be quite happy with a world of wall-to-wall Mike Gearys.  
> Why?
> Because the posts that he writes don't take themselves too seriously. 
> Oh sure, perhaps he's writing those posts and perhaps we might even
> imagine he's not taking himself seriously either but if taking yourself
> seriously is to engage in the same goddamn arguments year after year,
> well I can only wonder who is reading and why.
> I dunno, a wall-to-wall Mike Geary or a wall-to-wall David Lowry can't
> be that bad a place.
> It must be aces over the notes of an ex-marine bent on trying to relive
> the glory of cleaning his gun.
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