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Okay.  But, there is a strong part of me which says...however horrid it is 
tat thois war was created in the first place and however horrible it has been 
managed.  The *entire* US Army is not *full* of rotten people.  Mostly--they 
kids send to do what they were not prepared to do---and not for what we, as a 
nation, have really trained our kids to do [i.e. fight a war that is 
completely either good or evil...]  
This world, even the United States, is full of incredibly creative people. 
(even if the U.S. is not the MOST creative place in the world any longer--it 
still is full of incredibly creative sorts...)  I walk down the rows of Walmart 
and talk to people who create all sorts of things and sell them at festivals.  
I had dinner last night with some friends and found out that the husband makes 
really intriguing sorts of things that would sell really well around the 
country at all sorts of Renaissance Festivals.  [he'd never thought of 
I am always looking at how to share creativity...in all forms]

SO much creative energy exists.  Surely surely there could be a way to 
somehow create a sweet world in Iraq whereby there would be and could be 
penpals for 
our kids to have someday--somehow.  (and, maybe it would take firing 
everyone.  I know that *I* would at the least have reassigned a whole slew of 
them--probably to the clasroom and had them taught some basic values and 
structures of 

Maybe it will take those who are creative finally being willing to step 
upward and onward and making the sacrifices to get into positions of power and 
control (and there is a sacrifice and not too many want to pay it)   

I think of the union of SBC and the current strike and how the management  
will be taking the 'offer' off the table on Monday.  They figure they have 
nothing to lose as they don't care if the union signs or not because so many 
are out of work that they will be able to hire the 'scabs' and break the 
union.  They did it with grocery stores in most parts of the country...  and 
is that?  Is it because people just don't care any longer?   

Wondering what has happend to unity and why creative energy is not 
forthcoming towards solutions that are practical, innovative and which will be 
Marlena in Missouri

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> The war has been lost. There is no way for the USA to restore
> control, short of firing everyone even remotely associated with this
> debacle, and that isn't going to happen.

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