[lit-ideas] Re: Michael Moore at Cannes: Palme d'Or Best Film

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  • Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 14:51:51 -0700

> I can't wait to see the film, but I'm afraid it's pretty much preaching to
> the choir.  Does anyone think it likely to have any real impact on the
> population?

Moore's film includes more footage of abuse of prisoners, plus footage of
American soldiers complaining about the war.

The movie will also get attention due to the White House's efforts to get
Disney to censor the film.

One can expect Moore to earn several hundred million from this film, and he
will use that money to make more anti-Bush movies.

There's also more pixs to come from Iraq. There are some 1,500 photos, plus
videos. The worst stuff hasn't been shown yet. That includes the rape of a
boy by US military personnel.

The US Army itself is now the Bad Guys.

These pixs are floating around in dozens or hundreds of CDs that were passed
around by the troops as "trophies". Eventually, inevitably, someone is going
to post these to the web.

Yesterday, we learned that Chalabi was connected to Iranian intelligence
services. He fed Iranian disinformation to the USA and gave US military
secrets to Iran. He also knew about upcoming bombing attacks and didn't
bother to inform the USA. Chalabi was the Pentagon's top choice for the new
Iraq. Just wonderful, no?

Why did Iran feed disinformation to the USA via Chalabi? They wanted to see
the USA attack Iraq and bring down Saddam, whom they've hated since the
Iraq-Iran War. And of course, there would be a bit of Iranian joy over
watching the USA start a war on false information and suffer afterwards.
Bush was screwed by the Iranians.

There's no longer a question about it. The situation in Iraq is complete
chaos. The war has been lost. There is no way for the USA to restore
control, short of firing everyone even remotely associated with this
debacle, and that isn't going to happen.

Iraq is not another Vietnam. Oh, no. It's far worse.

Bush is going to speak on Monday night. What can he possibly say?


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