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  • Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 19:29:02 -0700

> Okay.  But, there is a strong part of me which says...however horrid it is
> tat thois war was created in the first place and however horrible it has
> managed.  The *entire* US Army is not *full* of rotten people.
Mostly--they are
> kids send to do what they were not prepared to do---and not for what we,
as a
> nation, have really trained our kids to do [i.e. fight a war that is
> completely either good or evil...]

But in this case, the entire US Army is wrong. It's an illegal war, based on
lies. Thousands of Iraqi are dead. The country is shattered. The USA has
already stolen some $50 billion dollars of oil.

Rumsfeld himself initiated and approved the systematic, widespread torture
and sexual humiliation of prisoners. This came from the very top of the
Pentagon. It was conceptualized, planned, and implemented by Rumsfeld and
Cambone, his assistant.

At least 37 prisoners were murdered. There are thousands of photos. This has
been going on for more than a year.

Every US soldier in Iraqi has a higher duty to say no. They can't say they
were "just following orders."

This is what is so horrible about the photos of torture: the 700+ Americans
who've died have lost their lives for nothing. They did not go there to
establish a Jeffersonian democracy, rescue the Iraqi from Saddam, or save
the world from WMDs. The USA went there to sexually humiliate the Arabs.
That particular mission was already planned from the very beginning and it's
the only thing they've been able to fully carry out.


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