[lit-ideas] Re: Michael Moore and other 'nutters'

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  • Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 18:26:31 -0700

> I don't think that Michael Moore is JUST preaching to the choir. I hardly
> agree with anything he says and especially in the petulant way he says
> them, but I love his movies. because apart from revealing HIS "truth",
> are enjoyable. He's a funny guy sometimes. He's also really childish,
> crass, a big suck [literally], infelicitous with editing and frankly,
> sometimes completely full of shit; but that's also entertaining sometimes.
> I think you are right Julie that he'll never be mainstream because he's
> just SOOOOO far left.

Paul is totally right. There was an article about Michael Moore in the New
Yorker a few weeks ago. Moore isn't a leftist, nor anything at all. He has
no real political ideas (or ideals.) He has never worked at any real jobs.

He's just a populist entertainer. He has dabbled in all sorts of theater and
entertainment. He's the "Rush Limbaugh of the Left", in the same way the
"Rush Limbaugh of the Right" isn't political either (Limbaugh never bothered
to vote for Reagan.) Moore found that he can get attention and make money by
pandering to the anti-conservatives. Moore is a jerk, self-centered,
difficult to work with, and mistreats his staff.

Whatever. His movies are funny, but wrong. Columbine is a long series of
non-sequiturs about violence, guns, pilgrims, and the NRA. It plays to the
fears of the urban anti-gun crowd.


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