[lit-ideas] Re: Here's a new spin on preventative medicine

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I've been thinking about this post below, and have decided that I need to take 
some time off from posting on this list.&nbsp; I'd like to thank you all for 
listening to my no doubt misdirected rants and I'd like to&nbsp;wish you all a 
nice summer.&nbsp; I just thought I'd mention that the Seekers took their 
melody for the Carnival is Over from the song Stenka Rasin.&nbsp; I've pasted 
the only link Youtube seems to have.&nbsp; The fact that it's from their 
farewell concert is sheer coincidence.&nbsp; The words from S.R. superimpose 
perfectly but&nbsp;needless to say the Carnival is Over is not S.R.&nbsp; I 
listened today to, talk about a rant, Marshall Goldman carrying on about 
Petrostate Russia.&nbsp; The U.S. does exactly the same things they do (our 
Veep is straight out of industry, etc. etc.), but that's different.&nbsp; It's 
so sad that he spends his life studying something that he can't find one good 
thing to say about.&nbsp; Why not find another
 country to study?&nbsp; Anyway, no Persian princesses being thrown overboard 
here (BTW, Iranian beluga&nbsp;caviar is golden today because beluga sturgeons 
rescued the princess and brought her home):

Here is a musical tango version of S.R., put your dancing shoes on; the writing 
on the record is Polish from what I can tell:
Then pour a nice drink and try a jazzy, pretty&nbsp;version of Dark Eyes (Ochi 
And with that, have a nice summer all.

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Subject: [lit-ideas] Re: Here's a new spin on preventative medicine
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Date: Sunday, June 1, 2008, 2:21 AM

Robert Paul wrote, in response to someone's little rant:


Someone is doing their 'Andy' routine again.  I think of it as
watching a psychodrama.  Sometimes farce, sometimes tragic, always


Phil Enns
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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