[lit-ideas] Re: Here's a new spin on preventative medicine

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  • Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 19:01:09 -0500

Actually, the perception is that VR exists.  The program and equipment
that generate the perception may exist, but the 'space' is mere
illusion.  And 'love', well in truth it's nought but the need, or
perceieved need, for the person we think we love.  It's a desperate cry
for validation through reciprocal illusion.

Genuine love, if such a thing truly exists, is an appreciation of, or at
least repect for, the entirety (the sum) of another's qualities, whether
(personally - selfishly) desirable and undesirable.  We shouldn't need
another to love us, nor should we need them to behave in a fashion
desirable to us, in order to feel that love.  And hate, pfft, it's nought
but the selfish side of the same coin.  If end of the illusion causes us
profound emotional pain, it is far simpler, though childishly unhealthy,
to relegate a person's actions to the realm of despicability than to
accept that we are equally as flawed...

flawed, but resisting admission,

  What about virtual reality?  It exists and doesn't exist at the same
  time.  Therefore, it's true and false at the same time, no?  Or since
  hate sometimes (often, really, it's all so unconscious) masquerades
  as love, love can be true and false at the same time too, no?  For
  that matter the relativity of the word 'truth' can make it true and
  false at the same time.  Yes?

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    Quoting Eric Yost     mr.eric.yost@xxxxxxxxx>:
    > Simultaneously true and false! 
    But not in the same respect - as the Macedonian philosopher was wont to 
say. No
    statement can be both true and false in the same sense, including this one. 

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