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Nope, not at all.  In fact that mindedness, or mindfullness, you're
speaking of is genuine philo-sophy -- the love (perhaps pursuit) of
wisdom.  Most of these bloody academics are merely soph-ologists --
studiers of, processors of, or Judy's commentators on, wisdom...  Most
profess-ors could never grasp the nub of the wisdom that they profess to
teach if it ate them out or sucked them off in a dark alley...

Perhaps that's all it has ever done for them, made them feel rude, crude,
and dirty enough not share it with everyone.  It has allowed them the
notion that they are in on some great secret; they belive that they are
privy to something almost noone else has discovered.  They revel in, and
relish, the adoration of undergrads dressed in elbow-patched sweaters,
Sally-Anne recovered tweed jackets, and Fédoras.  Philosophy, rather,
still comes down to the question asked by a friend's young child, who,
while holding a Shiner in hand queried: "Why are fish so beautiful?"

still seeking, nonetheless professing,

  I guess ultimately philosophy is centered only on the human mind.  It
  doesn't acknowledge the mindedness of life.  In that sense I'm
  shopping in the company store, and I have no currency to spend here. 
  So I think I'll mosey outside and maybe see you out there on some
  other subject.

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    Irene asked
    > What about virtual reality?  It exists and doesn't exist at the same 
    > time.  Therefore, it's true and false at the same time, no?  Or since 
    > hate sometimes (often, really, it's all so unconscious) masquerades as
    > love, love can be true and false at the same time too, no?  For that 
    > matter the relativity of the word 'truth' can make it true and
    false at 
    > the same time.  Yes?
    A modest suggestion: states, feelings, emotions, and even words 
    themselves are neither true nor false. Those epithets are reserved for 
    statements, propositions, judgments, and the like.
    But enough metaphysics.
    Robert Paul
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