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<<     It wasn't meant to be a knock. But Why not publish in HTML?  Every
 platform has access at least to reading docs in that format.
                                        Greg\DAC >>
I am considering many options at the moment, but an online publication is low 
on my priorities.

I am looking to set up a business that will hopefully ligitimise (in a small 
way) platforms like Wheels, MegaPatch 3, WiNGS etc... and/or change (some) 
peoples misconcieved preceptions about older technologies. Many people, at 
least in the UK, still think of the C64 as "that machine with the tape deck". 
I would like to change this as much as I can, and hopefully have a healthy 
number of readers. It's going to be an uphill struggle, I know, but with 
careful planning I am sure I can reach my final goals which is a professional 
publication supporting technologies of yesteryear, and to see small, but 
healthy returns.

Don't worry, I am not about to rip people off, I just don't want to go down 
the "fanzine" road. All being well, I should be able to find enough 
advertisers to keep costs low, and this is exactly why I need to take this 

Again, all comments are welcome. My new email address, specifically for the 
magazine, is retrocomtoday@xxxxxxxx


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