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<< I've got a reaction, none of the computers that this magazine is going
 to be covering is capable of Reading .pdf formatted Documents.  I don't
 want to use a Mac to read about a Commodore.
Fine, well you will just have to wait to see if the project will recieve 
enough positive response and pre-orders to justify printing it every six 
weeks. I will not be taken seriously enough if I offer the samples issues in 
formats compatible with everything from the CBM/PET series micros, right the 
way through the Amiga/Atari ST platform. This will also eat up a lot of my 

You also seem to suggest that the publication will simpply be covering the 
C64/128 community. Not so. Commodore Scene already does this, and so there is 
no market place to support just this platform. The publication is called 
"Retro Computing Today", and will cover as many different formats as possible.

Thank you for your comments,

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