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>>Good idea, would this be an Online( E-Mail maillist style or DL) or a 
 Magazine ?

The initial issues of the magazine (of which I am planning 2) will be 
downloadable in .pdf format. These issues will be to guage peoples reactions, 
allowing comments to further guide the publication in the right direction. 
Sample issue 3 will be a printed magazine with colour cover. This will be 
available to pre-order only, as I will need to know approximately how many 
copies I will sell per issue. I hope to sell enough copies to encourage 
advertisers, such as Ebay, Eyeyech and others. This will stabalise the price 

>>I may not write an article in the initial issue but perhaps in a future 
article. I personally have knowledge on systems dating back to the TI-99/4A 
from Texas Instruments through the C= models and Amiga models. Any info, I 
can exerpt from internet and help in providing the knowledge of the "Retro" 
computer to new users and perhaps ideas for future systems. Virtual Reality, 
Artificial Intellegence, Multi-task/Multi-Program systems and more.

Any articles are welcome, providing that they are not "off-topic". I intend 
to cover as many formats as possible. I know how active the Texas ti99/4a 
community is, and I am reliably informed that other formats, such as the Oric 
1 are equally as active. I just hope that the magazine will provide some sort 
of balance, as many magazines seem to be obsessed with the Microsoft 
platform. The slogan for the magazine will be something like "Yesteryears 
technology providing todays solutions..."

>>Actually I am working on a new platform based on the technologies that 
built the beloved computers and electronics that are still being used such as 
the C=, Apple,TI,Atari,Nintendo NES & SNES (Super Nintendo), and variouse 
My platform would use a 65c265 Microcontroller (65c816 core - Based on the 
technology that powered the SNES,Apple IIGS and the SCPU cartridge & Flash8 
CPU Accelerators for Commodore 64 & Commodore 128. 

I hope to hear more of this. I also hope the magazine will serve to inform 
people of any future investments you may be putting into such a platform.

>>Good Luck on everything. I am setting up a website/page for my new platform 
/ business. Since things are still under way. Things need to be fully

I know the feeling, and thank-you for your offer of support.

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