Re: Upgrading Jaws and windows xp

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  • Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 03:30:18 -0500

This discussion got me wondering, how can you tell whether you have jaws home 
or professional on your computer?

I am using xp home but I purchased my jaws several computers  ago and think I 
have jaws professional on my machine. I looked in the "about" box and found no 
reference to either  home or professional.


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  I am using Jaws 12 with XP professional and they are good together.  A few 
years ago I got shafted though when I was purchasing a new system and the man 
who was building the system for me talked me into accepting XP professional 
rather than home.  That meant I had to upgrade my current Jaws license to 
accept professional and it cost me about two hundred dollars.  I went along  
with this, though somewhat reluctantly because the computer dealer I was 
working with had given me a very good deal on the system I wanted.  I like Jaws 
12; and I find XP professional a little more secure in some ways than the home 
version.  So I guess your big decider will be whether you want to spend the 

  Hope you find satisfaction.
  Lois Goodine.

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