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Bob, below I'm copying instructions posted some time ago  for how to
determine whether you have JAWS pro or standard on your system.  You can
also find out by going to FS's Activate webpage.  The method  below  enables
you to  get  the answer on your own system.
1. Go to the start menu by pressing the windows key.
2. Go to the All Programs or Programs submenu depending on how your system
is set up.
3. Press the letter J until you hear "JAWS  X .0 Submenu" and press right
arrow or enter to open it.  (For "X," substitute your version number.) 
4. Use the up or down arrow to find the "Tools" submenu, and press enter or
right arrow to open it.
5. Arrow down until you hear "ILM Authorization Viewer." Press enter to open
6. Once the viewer has examined your system and found your JAWS
Authorization, go through the read only edit box and arrow down until you
hear one of the following: If you are using the Professional version, you
will hear "Edition: Professional." If you are using the Standard version,
you will hear "Edition: Standard."
7. Close the window by pressing alt F4.
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This discussion got me wondering, how can you tell whether you have jaws
home or professional on your computer?
I am using xp home but I purchased my jaws several computers ago and think I
have jaws professional on my machine. I looked in the "about" box and found
no reference to either home or professional.
Thanks. Bob
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I am using Jaws 12 with XP professional and they are good together. A few
years ago I got shafted though when I was purchasing a new system and the
man who was building the system for me talked me into accepting XP
professional rather than home. That meant I had to upgrade my current Jaws
license to accept professional and it cost me about two hundred dollars. I
went along with this, though somewhat reluctantly because the computer
dealer I was working with had given me a very good deal on the system I
wanted. I like Jaws 12; and I find XP professional a little more secure in
some ways than the home version. So I guess your big decider will be whether
you want to spend the money.
Hope you find satisfaction. Lois Goodine.

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