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Lori, so that you understand the difference between the two JAWS offerings,
the pro version is designed for networked computers and for systems
typically used in networks, such as XP. The practical effect is that FS
charges organizations more for JAWS than it does most individuals for home
All things being equal, as everyone in this thread has said, you would
choose the standard version because it is cheaper. However, the real
question is whether you get more out of your XP system than XP Home. I hope
listers will comment on this aspect of your concern. I can say only that
I've gone with JAWS Pro because it assures me maximum flexibility, but money
concerns can legitimately trounce that factor


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Home users don't ordinarily need Windows XP Pro.  In addition, if you
upgrade your JFW to Pro, not only will you have to pay more now, but you
will have to pay more every time you purchase an SMA.  If you should upgrade
to Windows 7 in the future, be sure to get Windows 7 Home Premium for the
same reason.
Gary King

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Hi I'm trying to activate Jaws 11 on my home PC, and although it came up
activation successful, when I tried to exit I got a message saying something
like "Jaws is not authorised to run on windows opperating systems, windows
XP or Proffessional, please contact Freedomscientific support for advice".
I did and was told I could iether downgrade my system to windows XP Home
adition, or else upgrade my JAWs to 12, which would work fine with Windows
Profferssional.  The problem is it'd cost me about £300.38.  Does anyone
else use JAWS with Windows XP Proffessional, and if so is it worth the
upgrade?  I don't know whether to just go for the upgrade and pay the extra
money or whether to get a more basic version of XP.  I'd be grateful for any
advice on this before I make a choice.  Many thanks from Lori duncan.  

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