Re: Upgrading Jaws and windows xp

  • From: Lori Duncan <lori_duncan21@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 16:10:59 +0000

Hi not on this ocation, I get the same message each time, seems like they want 
an awful lot of money out of us :(
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  Were it me I would just go to XP home. Unless you need the few extra things 
which XP Pro might give you I think it is a horrid waste of money.

  Also, what happens when you re-start your computer?

  Occasionally Jaws tells me that it is not authorized but a re-start seems to 
clear all that nonsense up.



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  Hi I'm trying to activate Jaws 11 on my home PC, and although it came up 
activation successful, when I tried to exit I got a message saying something 
like "Jaws is not authorised to run on windows opperating systems, windows XP 
or Proffessional, please contact Freedomscientific support for advice".  I did 
and was told I could iether downgrade my system to windows XP Home adition, or 
else upgrade my JAWs to 12, which would work fine with Windows Profferssional.  
The problem is it'd cost me about £300.38.  Does anyone else use JAWS with 
Windows XP Proffessional, and if so is it worth the upgrade?  I don't know 
whether to just go for the upgrade and pay the extra money or whether to get a 
more basic version of XP.  I'd be grateful for any advice on this before I make 
a choice.  Many thanks from Lori duncan.  

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